Welcome to Jefferson County, Georgia.
Simple pleasures
and a sense of community have been bringing folks here for centuries.

This is the place where…
Parents walk their kids to school
Our streets are safe and people take care of each other;
You enjoy the clean air and lack of stress, and work long hours only  because you want to;
Folks meet for breakfast at local restaurants to catch up on local happenings.

Once you experience what Jefferson County has to offer, you too will be saying “This is the place where...

While numerous significant events happened in Jefferson County, some of the most notable include: the burning
of the Yazoo Fraud papers; the 1799 adoption of Georgia’s Great Seal, still in use today; and the chartering of
the University of Georgia. Not all of Louisville’s historical chapters have been pleasant. This small Georgia town was targeted by General Sherman’s troops on their terrible March to the Sea Campaign. This campaign that finished off a wounded Confederacy is commemorated by two sites on the Civil War Heritage Trail. The first is downtown, remembering the burning of Broad Street. The second is found out of town on the Ogeechee River, recalling the massive river crossing.

P.O. Box 630, Louisville, GA 30434   Toll Free: (866) 527-2642   Local: (478) 625-8134   Email: info@jeffersoncounty.org