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Jefferson County offers a diverse population that embraces and celebrates the charm and enjoyment of rural life.  This diversity reflects a significant mix of genders, race, religion, age, and other background factors.  Consequently, our diversity helps shape, enhance, and enrich the quality of life and workforce in Jefferson County.

Category Data Year Comparison Source
Jefferson County 16,930 2010   US Census
Male 48% 2010   US Census
Female 52% 2010   US Census
Under 18 25% 2010   US Census
Age 65 and over 15% 2010   US Census
City of Louisville 2,370 2014   City-Data
City of Wadley 1,988 2014    City-Data
City of Wrens 2,086 2014   City-Data
Jefferson County Area 325,321 2010     Georgia Department of Labor
Population density (per square mile) 32 2010  Georgia    168 US Census


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