Jefferson County Wants Your Business!

Jefferson County is Open For Business for companies like yours! Featuring a profitable collection of Core Advantages and Customized Incentives tailored for your specific business, we’re confident we’ll develop an incentive program you can’t refuse.

Core Advantages
A Development Authority that wants your business and will prove it by developing infrastructure and buildings to meet your needs.
A business-friendly Chamber of Commerce offering strategic partner programs.
A nationally favorable tax and a 100 percent Freeport inventory tax exemption as well as a Chamber of Commerce/Development Authority partnership offering concrete incentives to reduce costs and increase the bottom line for qualified companies.
$4,000 tax credit per year for five years for every job created, with a minimum of five jobs.
Competitive power, water, natural gas, labor and other costs of doing business.
Industry friendly training provided by Sandersville Technical College and QuickStart

Customized Incentives

The Development Authority of Jefferson County and Chamber of Commerce are ready to provide more specific advantages of relocating a business, as well as its existing managers and workers, to Jefferson County. To learn more, call for a personal interview with Tom Jordan, Executive Director, Development Authority of Jefferson County. To discuss your potential incentives screening, e-mail Tom at or call toll free (866) 527-2642. To increase your chances of receiving the maximum advantage through a comprehensive package of local, state and federal incentives..
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