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In a Work-Ready Community, training synced for superior performance.

Better ideas about how to work have always had a way of percolating to the surface here in Jefferson County and in Georgia. That’s why the state was one of the first in the nation to pioneer a state-wide workforce training program over 40 years ago, and why today Georgia’s Quick Start workforce training remains not just one of the first but also measurably the very best program in the nation: Ranked #1 in the nation for the past 14 years in all published surveys of site selection professionals.

At the state level, Quick Start brings a wealth of experience across a wide range of sectors, not surprising given Georgia’s dynamic growth over the past decades. But what makes Quick Start particularly effective is the strategic coordination and collaboration between state resources and knowledge, industry client needs, and the local Quick Start training partner, Oconee Fall Line Technical College (OFTC). A leading administrator of the ACT Work Keys system (and key to our status as a Work-Ready Community), OFTC brings to the training partnership both the experience and the expertise to deliver robust and precisely targeted training—training customized to your company’s needs—at any point on time, whether startup or expansion, and at any location necessary, from the classroom to the shop room floor.

Best of all, this outstanding training is available at no cost to qualifying industry. We understand that in today’s global marketplace, the most powerful engine of growth is a skilled workforce team—Let’s sync up and get started.

Category Data Year Compared to Georgia Source
Civilian Labor Force age 16+ 49% 2016 62% US Census
Labor Force Jefferson County 6,594 2016 4,920,464 GA Dept of Labor
Total Employment Jefferson County 6,102 2016 4,656,255 GA Dept of Labor
Labor Force Jefferson County Area 134,331 2016 4,656,255 GA Dept of Labor
Total Employment Jefferson County Area 125,107 2016 4,656,255 GA Dept of Labor
Employer establishments 300 2015 224,593 US Census
Mean travel time to work (minutes) age 16+ 25 2016 28 US Census


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