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Benaiah Ministries cuts ribbon on sober living house


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Benaiah Ministries recently cut the ribbon on its Louisville-based Sober Living House and kicked off a fundraiser to help support this program. submitted

Benaiah Ministries of Louisville recently opened the doors of a Sober Living House. Its goal is to help men graduating from residential or inpatient treatment programs make a healthy transition back into society. By choosing the Sober Living option, recovering drug and alcohol abusers can find a supportive, faith-based environment to practice the skills they have learned in therapy and to prepare for the next phase of their lives. 

The Sober Living House is the creation of Benaiah Ministries, which was founded by Rev. Bill Cain of the Louisville Presbyterian Church and Al Knowles, a local businessman with an interest in helping men caught in the snare of addiction. Benaiah’s mission is to build up the Kingdom of God by providing support through Bible studies, educational training, and help for recovering addicts.

The house is managed by Willis Toulson, who himself has been through recovery treatment. Toulson knows first-hand the struggle ahead for these men and can encourage them by his own experience. 

For most addicts, initial treatment consists of short-term, highly structured inpatient programs. During this phase, men learn recovery skills that help them return to productive living. But the transition back to their former lives can be difficult. If they return to their previous location, associates, and environment, old temptations cause many to relapse. Recovering addicts need a safe place to practice their newfound skills before fully reentering the world. 

The Sober Living House is designed to fill this gap. The facility provides an environment proven to help recovering addicts prepare for the leap back into everyday life.

Benaiah Ministries believes the Sober Living House will meet a real need in its community. 

Founder Bill Cain has worked with addiction in the Jefferson County area for years. 

“Substance abuse causes deaths, illnesses, and disabilities throughout our community," Cain said. "It ravages our youth, our families, and attacks people from all walks of life. Treatment’s first step is an intensive program to learn about the behaviors associated with durable sobriety. In our area, there are a number of institutions providing this type of therapy. The problem comes when this first stage of treatment is complete, and the addict must choose his next step.

“Around Louisville, there are not enough options for men serious about long-term recovery. They must either head back home to the place where their addiction took root or perhaps travel to Atlanta or Savannah to face the pressures of the big-city environment. We want them to have a more promising option.” 

Toulson sees Sober Living as a therapeutic model that serves a vital need.

“Recovering addicts need a drug-free environment shared by other residents committed to sobriety," Toulson said. "They need a place where they can refine the skills they learned in recovery treatment. They need a setting that allows them to share their struggles and their victories with other men who want to be free of addiction. Most importantly, they need the hope that comes from a deep connection with Our Savior, who provides the power for them to overcome their obsession.”

Both Cain and Toulson affirm their belief in the effectiveness of Sober Living.

“Repeated studies demonstrate that Sober Living works," Cain said. "Despite variations in age, background, and drug dependence, exposure to the supportive and safe environment afforded by Sober Living produces improved outcomes for addicts. After 6 months in Sober Living, they have longer periods of sobriety, fewer problems with the law, better employment records, and fewer episodes of anxiety and depression. That’s what I call success!”

In conjunction with opening its Sober Living House, Benaiah Ministries is excited to be kicking off a fundraising campaign. Through numerous avenues, the ministry will be informing the community about its new work and asking for financial support.

“I hope many caring hearts in our area will come alongside us with their financial resources and help us in our efforts to redeem the lives of addicted men," Cain said. "We need help to fund the ministries during this crucial inaugural period. And with great joy, I want to announce we have a donor who is willing to match, dollar-for-dollar, all gifts up to a total of $100,000! This generous offer makes it possible for potential contributors to double the effectiveness of their gifts. We’ll be encouraging all our supporters...old and help us make the most of this unique God-given possibility!”

Anyone interested in learning more about helping or partnering with Benaiah Ministries and the Sober Living House, be sure to check out their website at Moreover, you can follow “Benaiah Ministries'' on Facebook to find out about upcoming events. 


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Benaiah Ministries cuts ribbon on sober living house

Benaiah Ministries of Louisville recently opened the doors of a Sober Living House. Its goal is to help men graduating from residential or inpatient treatment programs…