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Strategic Advantages

Assets perfectly synced for sector potential.

When Coastal Processing LLC came to Jefferson County to start up a new $15 million poultry processing plant, company officials were surprised and pleased to see how quickly the project came together. Although finding abundant and affordable acreage for a custom build is no problem here in Jefferson County, the Jefferson EDC team identified an even faster solution for Coastal Processing: retrofitting a former textile plant in a location where wastewater treatment needs would be immediately satisfied.  While that kind of coordination and rapid, responsive action makes Jefferson County a powerful choice regardless of sector, our portfolio of assets boasts several strategic strengths:

  • Available land: Regardless of the site size needed, Jefferson has an affordable customized solution waiting for your operation, including an industrial site that’s GRAD-certified (Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development). Our extensive stock of land also includes ready acreage for agricultural operations.
  • Abundant water: The County’s two aquifers allow us to satisfy your operation’s needs, whether food processing, mining or other water-intensive applications.
  • Kaolin reserves: Formed thousands of years ago, our kaolin reserves have made us a mining leader, and along the way opened new and exciting opportunities for auxiliary industries.
  • Low-cost, high quality labor: World-class workforce training along with a deep-rooted work ethic make your team affordable—and unstoppable.
  • Multi-modal logistics: Highways, airports (both local and nearby at Augusta and Atlanta) and rail, plus deep-water port access just over 2 hours away—all together, Jefferson County has the ways and means to keep your products and materials on the go, on the flow.

Those strategic assets along with our close coordination with area industry have facilitated the growth of multiple clusters, including:

  • Food processing
  • Agribusiness
  • Mining
  • Metal fabrication
  • Manufacturing

Valuable available assets plus fast action—we’re ready to synchronize our advantages to your timetable today. Let’s talk to make the perfect fit.


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