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Quality of Life

Those who live in Jefferson County already know about they excellent quality of life and what a great place this is to call home.  If you are visiting, you are in for an unforgettable experience and maybe even an adventure!  Jefferson County is tucked in the “Classic South” of Georgia and is known for its illustrious history.  It is also one of the state’s best places to visit and call home.  Jefferson County has all the elements that make for a great quality of life; a temperate year-round climate, over three centuries of exciting and unique history and art, many scenic roads, and outdoor recreational activities including hiking and biking, boating, paddling, fishing, hunting, and more.  From beautiful trees with Spanish Moss, to the Ogeechee River, to farm lands, to ponds, to communities with vibrant history, you will find something for everyone in Jefferson County.  An energized downtown retail district in the County Seat of Louisville has locals shopping at home.  Revitalization efforts, renovations, and an attractive streetscape design have allowed downtown to become a magnet for both local consumer dollars and tourist spending.  With a low cost of living, a pleasant climate, and wonderful opportunities for work and recreation, Jefferson County makes a great place to call home.


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