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    "Gig-Certified" "Smart Rural Community"

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Illustrious history. Industrious communities: Your revolution starts here.

Declare your independence from low quality and high costs.
Discover JEFFERSON COUNTY Synergy!

Jefferson County is part of the Augusta, Georgia metropolitan area.  The cities of Louisville, Wrens, Wadley, Bartow, Avera, and Stapleton are all in Jefferson County.  International business and industry has found Jefferson county to be a relaxed and comfortable place to do business.

Our community boasts a rich and diverse history.  Nature's majesty and beauty are on display everyday in Jefferson County.  The Ogeechee River flows through the county to the Atlantic Ocean just south of Savannah.  Before the Central Railroad was built in 1835-1843, the Ogeechee was the primary mode of transportation and communication with Savannah.  To this day, fishing and canoeing/kayaking continue to be a source of recreation for residents and visitors.  Ogeechee Crossing Park is a new Jefferson County Public Park for residents and visitors alike to experience and enjoy the wilderness of the 240 acres of natural wetlands, cypress tree forests, and open terrain including hiking trails.

Named after Thomas Jefferson, Jefferson County played a pivotal role in Georgia state history and United States Constitutional legal history.  On February 20, 1796, Jefferson County was created with the appropriation of 532 acres.  At that time, the state capitol was moved to Louisville and named in honor of King Louis XVI of France.

It’s the birthplace of the man whose company designed and produced the world’s first jeep, putting the Allies’ WWII effort into overdrive. Why wait for greatness? Discover Jefferson County, Georgia, founded in 1796 and named for Thomas Jefferson a full fifteen years before his presidency. Here you can jump start your own revolution in productivity and profitability, thanks to low costs and high quality in labor and abundant land plus rapid logistics—including rail—to rev up your delivery and shipping. 

Jefferson County lets you break away from high costs, and from the generic and humdrum, combining unlimited industrial opportunity with an idyllic small-town lifestyle in deeply historic and inviting communities and the most gorgeous Georgia settings of meadows, lakes and rivers. Illustrious and pretty as a picture. Industrious and ready to work. Your revolution starts today in Jefferson County.

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